Nourish launches its official 2023 Jersey #NourishNutritionChampions

Nourish launches its official 2023 Jersey #NourishNutritionChampions

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Noida: Nourish from BL Agro, has launched its official 2023 jersey under its new campaign #NourishNutritionChampions.

With its launch statement ‘Khele Chaahe Koi Bhi, Jeetega Nutrition Hi’, the brand has positioned the importance of nutrition and its role in the day-to-day lives that helps succeed any challenge.

As part of phase 1, the jersey will be up for grabs on the Nourish website and can be availed along with the purchase of a nutrition bundle that comprises of nutrition rich essential groceries. The customers will have a quick QR scan, which will be automatically opened to the nutrition champions page, making it easier for the customer to connect, customise and checkout.

With the introduction of #NourishNutritionChampions, the brand also sees a later aspect of introducing nutrition games with some fun nutrition filled quizzes. The winners would be based on the game pattern shortlisted and titled as the ‘Nourish Nutrition Champions’.

“Nourish Nutrition Champion aims to change the perspective that a champion is not only restricted to sports, a champion can also be an individual who is healthy; a person who consumes nutrition rich food and is ready to play the game of life. The newly launched official jersey of Nourish Nutrition Champions indicates the idea of becoming a champion in a healthy way,” said Ashish Khandelwal, Managing Director, BL Agro Industries.

“IPL is the right time to connect with the champion jerseys. Nourish Nutrition Champion jersey came up with the brand’s clear objective Khele Chaahe Koi Bhi, Jeetega Nutrition Hi. Nourish, as a food products brand, has always believed in offering nutrition rich groceries. With this jersey, it intends to grab the attention of its customers who can become Nutrition Champions if they consume healthy food”, said Richa Khandelwal, Managing Director, Leads Brand Connect, the creative agency behind the launch of the jersey.

Richa further said that the attractive jerseys are available on the brand’s website in the 3D view which seeks attention of the customers.

“The way it rotates on the screen looks playful and engages the customers for a long period. It also helps them to evaluate the look of the jersey and customise it with their names and preferred numbers”, Richa added.