Bangalore beats Mumbai and Delhi, spends highest on petcare: Survey

Bangalore beats Mumbai and Delhi, spends highest on petcare: Survey

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Bangalore beats Mumbai and Delhi, spends highest on petcare: Survey

Delhi:, a full-stack tech-enabled pet-care startup, with a vision to make pet-parenting journey easier for first-time pet-parents (pawrents), conducted a survey with 500+ Indians with pets.

The survey report titled “Pawrents” revealed interesting challenges, trends and expectations from the petcare industry.

The statistics revealed that Gen-Z drove the first-time pet-parent pool with over 48% of pet adoption being led by Gen-Zs followed by millennials at 44% in the last 2 years. Pandemic-induced loneliness gave birth to first-time and new-age pet parents. Other catalysts included rapid urbanization, nuclear family setups, and pet humanization.

Spending trends on petcare: Metro Vs Tier 2-3 India:

With increasing disposable incomes and a willingness to offer a healthy environment and the best nutrition to their fur-babies, pawrents have started spending more on petcare offerings.

In Bangalore, 55% of pet parents spend an average of INR 3000 per month on taking care of their pets, while in Mumbai, 52% of pet owners spend the same amount. 40% of Delhi based pet parents spend between INR 1500-3000 monthly on their fur-babies.

The data also revealed that tier 2 and tier 3 India inched closer to the spending capacity of metro pawrents. More than 39% of pet parents in metropolitan cities in India spend over INR 3000 every month on their pets. On the other hand, nearly 47% of pet parents in tier 2 and 3 cities spend between INR 1500-3000 per month on their pets.

The need-gaps in the petcare industry:

As new-age or first-time pawrents, pet-parenting journey can seem daunting. In such cases, digitally-savvy pawrents look for information online and are completely dependent on their local vets. However, 93% Gen-Z believe there isn’t enough credible information available online to take care of their fur-babies.

In fact, 72% Gen-Z pawrents believe that online vet consultations should be made available for easier access. In tier 2 and 3 cities, 73% pawrents face challenges accessing veterinary services online. However, the biggest need-gap that a whooping 67% feel the petcare industry lacks is access to emergency consultations. CEO and Co-Founder – Vineet Khanna, said, “India’s pet-parenting community is majorly driven by first-time pawrents who envision a rewarding experience when they start out but unfortunately face challenges because of a lack of the right resources. At the core of, lies a passion to empower these pawrents.

The survey is a step forward in that direction and helps us decode the challenges of first-time pawrents and cater to their evolving needs. We are excited to see how these shifting trends will impact the Indian petcare industry which has a potential to grow to $5 Bn by 2030.”

The data also revealed that 50% of Gen-Z pawrents prefer shopping online for food and toys for their fur-babies. The survey saw maximum participation from Gen Z and Millennial pet parents across metro, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in the country.