Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated on: 21-06-2023

We at THE BOT STORY, We, Our, Us ) respect your privacy and committed to protecting your personal data collected through the mail, contact-form, subscribe or any means. In this Privacy Policy we explain how we collect, use and process your personal information when you access our website or associated websites for delivery of services. Unless indicated otherwise, this privacy policy further applies to any website controlled by us. This Privacy Policy explain our policy regarding collection, use, disclosure and transfer of your information to provide best services.

By accessing, downloading, using the Platform(s) that we operate, which has a direct link to this Policy, you agree to be governed by the Privacy Policy of the Company.

As we update, improve and expand the Services, this policy may change, so please refer back to it periodically. By accessing the Company website or this Application or otherwise using the Services, you consent to the collection, storage, and use of the personal information you provide (including any changes thereto as provided by you) for any of the services that we offer.

1. Information We Collect :We will only collect your personal information where it is necessary for us to provide you with a service at your request, such as when you contact us, register an account on our website, avail of subscription services, or access the content on the Platform(s).

2. Information submitted to us: You give us information about you whenever you use our services, such as by doing the following, some of the following categories of information are collected directly by us, and some are provided by you directly for the performance of certain functions:

1.Accessing our Platforms by means of any web browser or device;
2.Registration, subscribing for our Services on our Platforms;
3.Enquiring about our products or services;
4.Initiating and maintaining correspondence with us.