Unix India unveils its new brand logo

Unix India unveils its new brand logo

Unix logo

Unix India, a leading name in consumer electronics and mobile accessories, has unveiled a new brand identity as part of its transformation journey. The company’s new logo features a modern design, with red becoming the key brand colour palette, representing limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and confidence. 

Unix’s new logo symbol is the letter ‘U’ intersected by a horizontal line, symbolising boundless potential, progress, and the brand’s bold, confident outlook for the future.

It says that the inspiration for the emphasis on the letter ‘U’ is driven by the brand’s customer-centric approach, illustrating how customers inspire Unix’s products and embody the brand’s ethos of “for you—the new you.”

The modern identity aligns with Unix’s vision for a bold new Bharat and also presents itself as a more globally recognisable symbol.

Speaking on the development, Imran Kagalwala, Co-Founder at UNIX India, said, “After 18 years of successfully raising the technology benchmark in India, we are filled with pride. We have always believed that evolution is the key to staying relevant, and hence, with new products coming in for new-age consumers, the brand identity needed to be dynamic and relevant. The shift from subtle blue to vibrant red is designed to be modern, vibrant, and easily recognizable. The refreshed design reflects the brand’s forward-thinking approach while maintaining the core values of customer centricity, affordability, and quality.”

The revamped identity extends across all consumer touchpoints, such as products, digital platforms, and communication materials. Unix, a proudly Made in India, Made for India brand, boasts a product portfolio of around 600+ SKUs and is available in 500+ cities nationwide. The brand manufactures all its products in India and strongly supports the vision of PM Modi’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

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