Simpl announces its community-led start-up founders meet D2C Unlocked

Simpl announces its community-led start-up founders meet D2C Unlocked

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Mumbai: Simpl, India’s D2C focused one-tap checkout platform, has announced the 8th edition of its community based start-up founders meet, D2C Unlocked in Mumbai.

To be held on April 6, the event will witness the confluence of scores of founders of D2C companies where they will participate in discussions around brand building, investment, acquisition and exit strategies among many.

As part of the event, founders will interact with fellow industry members and experts during a panel discussion on “Investments and Exit Strategies” which will witness the participation of Arjun Vaidya, Co-founder, Dr Vaidya’s, Kriti Poonia, Co-Founder, Relove, Dr Mohit Lalvani, Founder, Captain Zack and Nitya Sharma, Co-founder, Simpl.

This will be followed by a networking session, product showcase and giveaways from participating brands. This initiative is part of Simpl’s community building efforts to engage like-minded entrepreneurs and grow the D2C ecosystem by providing the right mentorship and highlighting the opportunities to grow.

The D2C Unlocked initiative is a part of Simpl’s community of direct-to-consumer companies known as D2C Simplified which offers multiple properties in the form of Simpl Series for imparting best business practices and includes webinars, multi-city meetups and many more for the all-round development of D2C companies.

Commenting on the community initiative, Nitya Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of Simpl said, “As an ecosystem enabler, we have been at the forefront of solving for the D2C ecosystem with our nuanced understanding of this space and bringing the entrepreneur community together. With D2C Unlocked, we aim to bring founders from across sectors for knowledge sharing on key business aspects to learn, share, collaborate and grow together.”

Sharma further said, “Over the years, we have been able to create a fledgling community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs by empowering them with the right guidance and connecting them with enablers through our Booster Package. Maharashtra has one of the highest concentrations of D2C brands in the country and we aim to empower them through our community efforts to enable them to fulfil customer requirements in a meaningful manner and create a shared value for the ecosystem”.