Hi Life’s “Flow Easy” campaign aims to redefine feminine hygiene norms

Hi Life’s “Flow Easy” campaign aims to redefine feminine hygiene norms


New Delhi, January 9, 2024 | Hi Life, the personal care brand, has taken a new step in the feminine hygiene sector with the introduction of “Flow Easy,” a 100% organic Cotton sanitary pad.

In collaboration with the Veejee Agency, Hi Life’s new social media campaign challenges traditional norms with a fresh and satirical take on menstrual product advertising.

The central theme of Hi Life’s advertising strategy breaks away from the overstatements commonly associated with conventional sanitary pad brands. With a focus on authenticity, the campaign addresses the practical experiences faced by women during menstruation.

While acknowledging Flow Easy’s effectiveness in addressing concerns like leaks, stains, rashes, and infections, the campaign refrains from making unrealistic claims about alleviating cramps or mood swings.

The advertisement features an aspiring actress Naysaa Nischal, involved in a shoot for a legacy pad brand, portraying unrealistic accomplishments while using the pad. In a clever twist, Naysaa breaks character, pointing out the contrived portrayal of women in traditional pad advertisements. She advocates for a brand that prioritizes authenticity and quality, offering genuine confidence to women through its 100% organic cotton pad.

The advertisement outlines the distinctive features of Flow Easy, encouraging women to consider Hi Life’s organic pads for a more comfortable and trouble-free period experience.

Concluding with the tagline, “Go with the flow and let your friends know!”, the campaign aims to resonate with all women. Hi Life’s ‘Flow Easy’ social media campaign, crafted by the creative minds at Veejee Agency, seeks to offer a pragmatic and honest approach towards menstruation, potentially reshaping perceptions and prioritizing women’s comfort and well-being in India.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j0QLh0mZes