Passion for the wheels: Sunderdeep Singh’s YouTube journey

Passion for the wheels: Sunderdeep Singh’s YouTube journey


New Delhi | Sunderdeep Singh, an unassuming yet passionate individual, isn’t your typical content creator! Amidst the bustling world of YouTube and Instagram influencers, Singh’s journey into content creation stemmed from a genuine desire to offer practical viewpoints on automobiles.

The automotive aficionado and content creator, Sunderdeep, engaged in a candid conversation with, unveiling his journey and future endeavors in the industry.

“I never set out to become a content creator,” Singh admits, recounting his initial foray into content creation as an avenue to voice opinions which are often overlooked in standard automobile brochures. “Viewers appreciated my perspective,” he reflects, recalling how his audience’s encouragement fuelled his journey.

His choice of YouTube as a platform wasn’t driven solely by its long-form nature but rather by the desire to balance his existing work commitments. Despite amassing a significant subscriber base, he acknowledges that his earnings from YouTube are comparatively modest in contrast to his primary business.

Sunderdeep’s insights stem from a practical viewpoint, he had been driving various cars and analyzing their performance over the past few years just for fun. He aims to emphasize the elements often overlooked, and his analysis is aimed at making the audience more aware about the positives & negatives of automobiles.

Sunderdeep focuses on delivering in-depth, nuanced analyses rather than chasing popular or mainstream content. He also pointed out that he has refused numerous brand collaborations to maintain his authenticity and to preserve the integrity of his opinions.

He also tries to put more emphasis on the underrepresented brands in the automobile industry.

“My goal isn’t financial gain; it’s about sharing genuine experiences,” he reaffirms. With plans to augment content quality and quantity, he aims for a substantial number of detailed and short videos, catering directly to audience demands.

“I’ve only accepted one paid partnership,” he shared. He had collaborated with Toyota X for a Toyota Hilux review. However, he’s vigilant about maintaining independence and authenticity, refusing to compromise on his viewer’s trust.

His audience transcends regional boundaries, embracing a diverse demographic across India. His commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the subtitles provided in English for every video, allowing a connection with viewers nationwide.

Beneath the glamour of content creation lies a realm of dedication and hard work. He acknowledges the misconceptions, asserting that producing a single video entails extensive research, filming, and hours of editing.

“I see myself as a customer,” he emphasized, vowing to maintain unbiased opinions and deliver authentic reviews.