Disney+ Hotstar gives well-deserved restart to ’12th Fail’

Disney+ Hotstar gives well-deserved restart to ’12th Fail’


12th Fail is a movie that has been the talk of the town ever since its release on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. While the movie didn’t make a big splash upon initial release in theatres, it found its true audience on the OTT platform.

It was Disney+ Hotstar that seized the golden opportunity to become the chosen OTT platform for this truly awe-inspiring movie on December 29. Through strategic release and audience engagement efforts, the streaming platform transformed 12th Fail from a box office underdog into a hot favorite of the audience.

Disney+ Hotstar didn’t simply drop the film onto its platform and hope for the best. They launched a targeted marketing campaign, highlighting the film’s inspiring message and Vikrant Massey’s powerful performance. This, coupled with an organic social media buzz fueled by viewers’ genuine enthusiasm, further propelled the film inot popular online discourse.

The platform went above and beyond streaming 12th Fail, cultivating a community around it. They offered exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive discussions. These efforts didn’t just keep viewers engaged; they strengthened their bond with the movie and with fellow fans. This resulted in a committed fan base that actively supported the film, expanding its influence and confirming its cult following.

Skipped by many in theatres, the film’s message and Massey’s performance resonated with viewers at home, cementing its place as a hidden gem worth searching for online. Moreover, jokes about characters, relatable scenes, and even its title sparked a meme-fest online once the audience watched the film.


Manoj Kumar Sharma dares to join millions pursuing the UPSC, reclaiming his future in a realm where dreams materialize, and aspirations thrive. In a movie world often skewed by questionable morals, 12th Fail shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration, celebrating integrity in a refreshing change of pace. Veteran filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra successfully frames Manoj’s journey as a “restart,” as he fights hard to make the most of his chances.

The “restart” theme, while apt in conveying Manoj’s second shot at success, feels somewhat unearned. His initial failure is glossed over, and the systemic issues behind exam fraud remain largely unexplored. This leaves the audience with a heartwarming resolution but a lingering sense of incompleteness.

In the film, Medha Shankar shines as Shraddha Joshi, Manoj’s loyal girlfriend. She’s not just a pretty face; she’s the epitome of a true lover who embodies unconditional support and acceptance. Unlike others who pity Manoj, she believes in his potential.

Shraddha’s character on screen will likely strike a chord with many aspiring young girls from small towns in India. While Shraddha’s hardships may not be explicitly spelt out in the film, they’re woven into the narrative through her subtle expressions. 12th Fail might be Manoj’s story, but for many, it can also be a testament to the silent sacrifices and unwavering support of families across the country.

The film’s presentation highlights how social status significantly impacts the success of aspirants like Deep Mohan in their exams. He was depicted as a UPSC aspirant, alongside Manoj, who hailed from an English medium background and aced the exam in his first attempt. This character plays the role of an iceberg to the larger taboo of the difference in class seen by society in terms of a Hindi medium student and an English medium student. Deep Mohan’s ultimate fate, left ambiguous, is as impactful as his presence. His absence also allows Manoj’s victory to stand on its own merits, earned through hard work and unwavering integrity.

The audience will love the movie for its vivid portrayal of life’s emotions: joy, sorrow, victory, defeat, trust, and notably, failure. One standout moment, a life lesson delivered by DSP Dushyant Singh (played by Priyanshu Chatterjee), emphasized ethical behavior in seeking justice with the simple words, “You must cease cheating.”

The peak excitement will be the climactic final interview in the film, where Manoj showcased his confidence despite facing a skeptical interviewer. He brilliantly responded to the question about how a 12th-grade failure could be better than an IIT topper. His answer, “Maybe not better, but more deserving”, adds to the aptness of the title for the film.

The film’s conclusion, with Manoj clearing the UPSC exam, evoked such intense emotions that for many it can feel like a personal victory.

However, stories should uncover systemic challenges and push for wider change, not just rely on “rags-to-riches” for archetypes for emotional satisfaction. Overall, 12th Fail is a well-intentioned film with a lot of heart. It boasts strong performances and offers a feel-good message of perseverance and hope, making it a must watch for the young and old alike.