Tata Passenger Electric Mobility launches the new Nexon.ev

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility launches the new Nexon.ev

tata nexon ev car

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, has launched the new Nexon.ev today.

A bold digital design language; a futuristic, tech-inspired drive experience; and introduction of several intuitive and innovative features, accessible via gadgets; hallmarks the new Nexon.ev as a game changer.

Built on the Tata.ev brand values of Sustainability, Community and Technology, the Nexon.ev is available in three distinct personas– Empowered, Fearless and Creative, representing the personalities and lifestyles of its audience.

Available from an introductory starting price of Rs 14.74 Lakh, the Nexon.ev will be retailed from authorized dealerships across the country.

Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, said, “EV customers constitute a unique community that is fast growing and distinguished by their evolved choices, hunger for next-gen technology, expectations of personalised experiences, and commitment to a greener tomorrow.

The Nexon.ev aptly fulfills their evolving, astute preferences with a technologically advanced, on-the-move solution that seamlessly blends with their contemporary way of life. This groundbreaking vehicle isn’t just pushing boundaries; it is rewriting the rulebook by addressing several unstated expectations of customers as well.

The sleek, futuristic, and digital design; an unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability; and smart lifestyle features that are best-in-class and only seen in vehicles several segments above, makes Nexon.ev a truly aspirational electric SUV.”

“With this launch, we are also transitioning into a new era that will be bolder and more innovative. We remain committed to lead the change and to shape the future of mobility towards an electric and sustainable tomorrow,” Chandra added.


Gadget on wheels: The car comes with an app store – Arcade.ev. This would allow users to enjoy their favorite video, productivity, navigation or games apps, including OTTs. Watch a movie or series when waiting for someone, or attend conference calls while the car is charging. Offers 4 Voice Assistants which can serve the needs of diverse customers. Tata’s very own ZConnect Connected Car Technology has been upgraded to offer over 60+ features, including remote control car functions.

Increasing Efficiency: The range of the new Nexon.ev LR has been increased to 465km (MIDC Certified), an increase of 12 km.

Tech on the Go: The Nexon EV offers a digital driving experience, featuring multi-mode regen and multi-drive modes, catering to the evolving preferences of modern driver.
Uncompromised Safety: With all-new Nexon.ev Tata has taken a step towards making Indian roads safer, by setting new standards of safety: 6 Airbags as Standard.

The Nexon.ev is equipped with features such as V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle charge) and V2L (Vehicle to Load) making it a game-changer in the industry

To know more about the detailed features of the new Nexon.ev, readers can visit : https://nexonev.tatamotors.com/.