Blubirch unveils its new rebranding initiative

Blubirch unveils its new rebranding initiative

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Blubirch, a player in the Returns Automation Platform as a Service (RA–PaaS) domain, has unveiled a rebranding initiative, marking a milestone for the company.

This transformation aims to reaffirm Blubirch’s commitment to trust, sustainability, and innovation in circular commerce.

As part of this rebranding, the Blubirch logo takes on a new form, particularly the letter ‘B.’ The reimagined ‘B’ serves as a representation of the re-commerce process, conveying a multitude of critical concepts: Cyclical Nature: The logo’s design elegantly illustrates the cyclical essence of Blubirch’s business, embodying the seamless flow of products between the forward and reverse supply chain and vice versa.

Speed & Momentum: The logo exudes an aura of swiftness and momentum, reflecting Blubirch’s commitment to streamline processes and improve efficiency.Physical Characteristics: The ‘B’ inherently represents sturdiness and flexibility, paralleling the company’s approach of durability and adaptability.
Modern & Youthful: The logo emits a modern and youthful vibe, showcasing Blubirch as a forward-looking entity in a rapidly evolving industry.
Innovation: The captivating twirl within the ‘B’ symbolizes innovation as an endless and evolving journey, encapsulating Blubirch’s role as a new-age, digitally-driven company.
Environment & Sustainability: The inclusion of a green leaf within the logo serves as a subtle yet powerful reminder of how Blubirch’s RA–PaaS platform helps retailers and OEMs in their sustainability efforts.

Jeby Cherian, COO and Chairman of Blubirch, stated, “The name Blubirch reflects both the “Trust” and the “renewal and resilience” attributes of our business. The color blue has always been associated with trust and that is symbolized by the “Blu” in Blubirch. The birch tree has always been seen as a symbol of renewal and resilience as symbolized by the “birch” in Blubirch. Taken together Blubirch is building an ecosystem of retailers, OEMs, logistics companies, insurers, 3PL, refurbishes and resellers based on trust built on transparency of information flow, enabling a resilient reverse supply chain.

As part of this transformative journey, Blubirch has also introduced a revamped website showcasing its RA–PaaS offerings. The website serves as a gateway to explore Blubirch’s solutions and success stories.

“Innovation and sustainability are woven into the very fabric of our new brand identity. The new brand symbolizes the cyclical nature of the reverse supply chain business. The new brand reflects the essentials of speed, agility, resilience, and adaptability that drive our business. As we lead the charge of transformation in the reverse supply chain, this new brand look heralds our commitment to sustainability, trust, and credibility,” said Sapan Jain, CEO of Blubirch.

With this comprehensive rebranding, Blubirch aims to solidify its position as a trailblazer, charting a course toward a greener, more sustainable future. The newly unveiled brand identity encapsulates the essence of Blubirch’s mission, standing as a beacon of trust, rejuvenation, and innovation in the reverse supply chain industry.