OnePlus India CEO Navnit Nakra quits to ‘follow passion’

OnePlus India CEO Navnit Nakra quits to ‘follow passion’

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New Delhi: Navnit Nakra, CEO of OnePlus India, has resigned from the company to follow his passion, announced the company on Wednesday.

He was promoted to CEO and Head of OnePlus India back in 2021 when he was working as the Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and Head of Sales in India.

According to the report, Nakra shared a letter with the firm in which he said that he had given considerable thought and chosen to leave OnePlus in order to pursue his passion and spend precious time with his family.

“I have decided to leave OnePlus. I aim to pursue my interest while also spending valuable time with my family. It has been a pleasure to be a part of our great Community — even if I am no longer a member of the business team, I hope you will grant me the honour of remaining a member of the OnePlus Community,” Nakra said.

“He has been an invaluable asset in managing the India business over the last three years, and we wish him the best of luck in his future ambitions,” mentioned the company in a statement.

“OnePlus is dedicated to India as a region as well as our Community members. We shall continue to focus our efforts in India,” OnePlus added.