Dunzo’s LightGayiKya campaign asks can power cuts be fun?

Dunzo’s LightGayiKya campaign asks can power cuts be fun?


Bengaluru: Dunzo, one of the delivery platform, is set to change the way customers experience power cuts with its latest quirky campaign – LightGayiKya.

As part of this campaign, Dunzo will introduce a special coupon code during power cuts, allowing customers to access exciting discounts on their favorite products. The aim is to turn an inconvenience into a fun and rewarding experience for Dunzo customers.

“We are a brand that’s focused on bringing convenience to people and finding ways to make life easier and more fun. If there’s one major inconvenience we’ve all experienced, it’s the pain of power cuts! We used this insight to craft our ‘Lightgayikya’ campaign. Whenever we face a power cut, our first instinct is to wish for the power to come back soon. While that’s something we can’t solve, we’ve found a way to lessen the inconvenience and cheer people up by giving them a special coupon to shop on Dunzo Daily during a power cut,” said Tanveer Khan, GM, Brand and Marketing, Dunzo.

The campaign will pilot in Bangalore and Pune, and then expand to all Dunzo customers across cities. With this initiative, Dunzo continues to reaffirm its position as a customer-centric brand that constantly seeks innovative ways to engage and delight its users.