ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti celebrates unsung heroes on World Milk Day

ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti celebrates unsung heroes on World Milk Day

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New Delhi: To commemorate World Milk Day on June 1, ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti Milk announced #RaiseAGlassofMilk and #SalutingTheUnsungHeroes campaign, to celebrate, appreciate and express gratitude towards the dedicated dairy workers who form the backbone of the milk supply chain.

On this occasion, the brand released a heartwarming video that captures, the passion and commitment of these unsung heroes. From the hands that load milk crates onto delivery vehicles to the diligent distributors who wake up in the wee hours to ensure that milk reaches local retailers on time, the campaign showcases the spirit of teamwork and unwavering commitment of all value chain partners. It actively highlights the pivotal role of everyone involved, including dairy farmers, procurement personnel, factory workers, truck drivers, distributors and delivery boys. While the world slumbers, these individuals toil tirelessly to bring that refreshing cup of tea/milk to the world as it awakens.

Milk is an integral part of many consumers’ daily routine, whether it is enjoying a glass of plain milk, a cup of hot tea/coffee in the morning, a bowl of dahi, or relishing the rich taste of paneer and also is an important source of nutrition. Further, milk and dairy products hold deep cultural significance in India. From the cherished tradition of offering dahi shakkar (curd & sugar) during auspicious occasions to making festive special desserts, dairy has been an integral part of our rich heritage.

Sanjay Singal, Chief Operating Officer – Dairy & Beverages ITC Ltd., stated “World Milk Day presents an excellent opportunity for us to highlight and appreciate the meaningful contributions of all the dedicated and hardworking individuals who make it possible for us to enjoy the goodness of milk every day. With this campaign, we aim to express our heartfelt appreciation to these unsung heroes and encourage people to join us in raising a glass of milk in their honor. ITC is empowering dairy farmers by providing efficient market linkages and enhancing their incomes through transparent milk procurement and customized animal husbandry services.”

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