Creative & Media Advertising Agency 5W1H completes 2 years

Creative & Media Advertising Agency 5W1H completes 2 years


New Delhi: The creative & media advertising agency, 5W1H, founded by two advertising professionals has completed two years.

“The 5Ws and 1H stand for WHY – WHAT – WHO – WHEN – WHERE – HOW. We dig deep with these simple, yet tough questions before seeking any solutions. We encourage people to spend more time trying to find answers to the right questions. It is these questions that give birth to effective solutions. Simply put, our mission is to find creativity in simplicity”, says Aakash Chatterjee, Co-Founder & CCO.

“Good advertising is when you add value to a business by adding value to its customers. We are constantly looking towards serving our clients with solutions that add value to their business. We win when our clients win. We approach media buying from a creative lens and use data to optimise returns. Our vision is to build a business that helps build businesses”, says Kunal Luhar, Co-Founder & CBO.

Both Kunal & Aakash say, “We are grateful to all the people who have played a pivotal role in helping us realise our dreams. To each and every member of the 5W1H family, our partners, our mentors, family, and friends. You keep us grounded and help us push our boundaries.”