Chef Vikas Khanna finds ‘Bharat Ka Asli Swad’ with Organic Tattva

Chef Vikas Khanna finds ‘Bharat Ka Asli Swad’ with Organic Tattva


New Delhi | Organic Tattva, the organic food brand, has announced the onboarding of Chef Vikas Khanna as its brand ambassador.

Khanna will be the brand’s champion to promote its organic flour and pulses range. Building on synergies, Organic Tattva and Chef Khanna are committed to promote health-conscious living and ethical consumption.

Today’s consumer is aware and conscious of healthy choices while at the same time, there is increased awareness around switching to purity and thus preferring organic over the regular counterparts in the market.

Khanna stated, “I am thrilled to align with Organic Tattva, a brand that shares my passion for promoting wellness and ethical living. Together, we aim to inspire consumers to adopt healthy eating habits while emphasizing the importance of choosing organic, wholesome foods for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. I value this partnership more as the overall impact on our agricultural land and future is immense.”

Kriti Mehrotra, Co-Founder of Organic Tattva, expressed, “We are opening 2024 on a beautiful note of collaborating with Chef Vikas Khanna who is a testimony to great taste , healthy living and sustainability. A true son of the soil he has been a brilliant advocate of going back to roots and his honest approach to promoting healthy living has encouraged us to join hands and make genuine impact on the food choices of the consumer. His dedication to health and wellness perfectly aligns with our values, and we are confident that this collaboration will resonate with our consumers.”

The partnership and the communication for the same was put together by Maximus Collabs – a Mumbai based creative agency and production house . The upcoming ad campaign featuring Vikas Khanna will be launched across various media platforms, showcasing the fusion of creativity, culinary artistry, and organic living. A perfect blend to healthy and hearty living.”

Manisha Singh, Director – Maximus Collabs, expressed, “Our collaboration with both Organic Tattva and Chef Khanna is defined by creativity, innovation, and a shared passion for excellence and promoting the purpose behind the business. Together, we have strived to create an impactful campaign that will resonate with audiences and help them adapt to changes which are as basic as switching to the right ingredient and making more informed choices.”

As a part of the collaboration, a teaser was released on Chef Vikas Khanna’s Instagram handle that focused on adulteration and asking viewers to share their views on “Bharat Ka Asli Swaad.”