PredOmix launches a week campaign for free cancer screening

PredOmix launches a week campaign for free cancer screening


New Delhi: PredOmix, a health tech company in cancer detection, has undertaken a significant initiative by launching a week of free cancer screening programs for women on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

The #EarlyDetectionIsProtection campaign will take place from May 7, 2023 to May 14, 2023 at the PredoMix lab in Gurgaon, and is open to all women above the age of 40. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness among the masses for preventive healthcare and the need of the hour for detecting cancer at an early stage.

PredOmix has developed a novel blood test that can detect about 32 cancers in both men and women. The company`s flagship product, OncoVeryx-F, which tests for four women specific cancers, is a patented technology that combines metabolomics (study of small molecules which are intermediate or end products of metabolism) and deep learning algorithms to identify metabolite signatures of multiple cancers in a single test.

Dr. Kanury V S Rao, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), PredOmix said, “Screenings help us detect diseases before they worsen and become more difficult to treat. We are dedicated to improving women’s health and well-being, and we believe that early detection is critical in the fight against cancer. While any other day of the year is a good time for cancer screening, Mother’s Day can be a meaningful reminder for mothers to prioritize their health and well-being. This year on Mother’s Day, we are initiating a programme to provide free cancer screening tests to all women over 40. We urge all women to embrace this chance and take an important step towards ensuring that they can celebrate future Mother’s Day with their loved ones. It’s a gift not only to themselves but to their families as well”