Green tea most preferred beverage by Indians: Chai Point report

Green tea most preferred beverage by Indians: Chai Point report

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Bengaluru: Chai Point has presented some insight into the beverage consumption behavior of Indians at home as well as at their workplaces with its first ever consumption report 2022.

Indians, true their taste palate, opted for Ginger tea the most in all seasons, be it in office or dine-in or online delivery followed by Elaichi and Masala tea.

The Chai lovers of India ordered their favorite cup majorly during the 10am to 12pm breakfast hour followed by early evening Chai time of 3pm to 5pm. No guesses for the most loved Chai pairing- samosa and chai were the classic favourite ordered by consumers at home.

The Corporate India showed a streak of healthy consumption with most consumers opting for alternate sweeteners like Jaggery and honey to go with their Chai at work.

As per the data collected by Chai Point’s brewing machines across 3500+ workplaces, corporate consumers were not just hooked to Chai but also filter coffee which was the most consumed coffee variant at offices. For every cup of English coffee consumed in workplaces, 1.5 cups of filter coffee was consumed showing the popularity of the beverage across the country.

Chai Point, is an omni channel brand started in 2010. The Company reaches millions of customers everyday through multiple touch points including retail stores, cloud kitchens, corporate offices and institutions, consumer packaged goods and HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes).