Hema Apsara, the Indian mom who’s also a bikerwoman & stunt rider

Hema Apsara, the Indian mom who’s also a bikerwoman & stunt rider


Mumbai | Hema Apsara, an ordinary mom from India, has been breaking stereotypes in the male-dominated world of motorsports and stunt riding. The daredevil influencer also has a strong and growing social media presence. Therefore, TheBOTStory.com sat down for a casual interaction with her to understand how she manages her passion & life.

With nine years of riding experience under her belt, Hema shared her journey, challenges, and thoughts on changing societal perceptions. With close to 40 thousand followers, all of which happened organically, on Instagram, Hema’s content is attracting people to her page. However she is yet to enter into any branded content deal with any major brand.

“My bike has a special connection with me,” the conversation kicked off with Hema expressing her passion for stunt riding and her commitment to changing the narrative around it. “I want people to understand my passion. Stunt riding is often misunderstood as a crime, but we perform it on closed circuits, following safety measures. I aim to share this knowledge and break the misconception, which is why I chose this for my content journey as well,” says Hema.

When asked about the initial inspiration for posting such content, she revealed, “It all started at home. Before venturing into stunt riding, I was an avid traveler. Three years ago, the spark for stunt riding ignited when my daughter expressed a keen interest. When I proposed the idea to my family, they hesitated. Determined to break barriers and change perceptions, I decided to step out of the norm. Now, I advocate that stunt riding is a sport. Support those who are ready to leap. Don’t hold them back; let them ride.”

Her determination to break societal norms and provide a positive image of stunt riding has been the driving force behind her content creation.

When on the road, Hema is frequently stopped by the police. She shares, “So, the police stop me and ask, Where have you stolen this bike from? Is this really a bike? These are the questions I often hear. I explain to them that I’m a stunt rider, and I do it professionally in a closed circuit, not on the roads. The lack of awareness among people often leads to these misunderstandings,” addressing common misconceptions regarding women on bikes.

“Women frequently approach us, expressing that riding a bike is on their bucket list. While it has been a common pursuit for men, I aim to make it a commonplace experience for women as well. Riding a bike should become a shared passion and a regular part of women’s lives, breaking traditional norms,” Hema highlighted her role in promoting women’s empowerment through her initiative, Nomad Bikers. The group has trained 350 women in bike riding so far, as per her. “The bike doesn’t know the gender of the rider,” says Hema.

“Of course, I am always there to provide support. I would be more than happy to teach any girls who are interested in learning the sport. I’m genuinely excited to support and guide them in every way possible,” said Hema.

“Women often believe they’re gentle, but they have inner strength and courage,” Hema said, leaving a powerful message for the women out there who want to become riders and perform stunts.

She went on to elaborate on her special bond with her bike, stating, “When I’m really stressed, I just hop on my bike for a short ride. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel so fresh. The wind on my face clears my mind, and I feel rejuvenated. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s just the connection I have with my bike. So, even on my worst days, my bike truly makes my day better.”

The interview also touched upon the delicate balance between personal and professional life. She shared insights into her scheduling strategies, allowing her to dedicate time to her family, practice, and training sessions for women interested in biking.

Speaking about the memorable experiences she has had, Hema shared, “So, I’ve travelled to Cambodia six years ago, and since then, my journey continued. I’ve explored all of Tamil Nadu, South India, and ventured into North India, covering destinations like Manali, Leh, and Arunachal Pradesh. Yet, my thirst for exploration remains unquenched. There are still more places to see, more roads to ride, and more adventures to embrace.”

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