GotChosen to launch an audience marketplace soon: Oz Silva

GotChosen to launch an audience marketplace soon: Oz Silva

oz silva

The motto of GotChosen is to provide revenue share from everything that happens to the creator, as per its founder and CEO, Oz Silva.

GotChosen is an American tech start-up brand that allows creators, influencers, and websites to monetize their content through the platform. sat down for a conversation with Silva on their plans for the Indian market, how they view the creator economy as a whole, and much more.

Sharing details on how the idea for starting the app came, Silva said, “When we created the company, we wanted to help websites monetize. There was an imbalance between websites and social media platforms. So we created technology that helps them to bring part of the money from social media platforms to websites.”

As per him, the monetization side of the technology was so powerful that they were able to “make relationships with over 200,000 brands.” At the same time they were also paying attention to the community of micro-influencers.

He said, “Right now, there are almost five billion people in the world who have social media profiles. So outside of the 5 billion people, a third of that, i.e. 1.7 billion, are creators, and when you look at this size, a very small percentage is actually monetizing. So, then we launched our social media app. In India, it was launched last year.

The main business model of this app is to provide revenue share from everything that happens to the creator. Therefore, it’s a very simple business model. When the creator creates a short video on our platform, we show ads along with the content, and 60% of the monetization goes to the content creator.”

On being asked about the key changes he has witnessed in tech so far and the ones he sees emerging, Silva said, “There was an article on Forbes in March this year, in the article they said that by the end of this decade over 200 million people are going to be unemployed between US and Europe, all because of AI and automation. That’s very significant.

I love AI and we use AI, however, the problem is that human beings are not ready for this. Educational institutions are not ready for what is coming. AI is going to make a lot of things easy in our lives, but AI is going to be a competition (for humans). We too are using it to create solutions for our clients.”

Silva further added that GotChosen is going to launch its second product next month – called Marketplace Technology.

He shared, “When you go to Amazon today, you search; compare prices and then purchase a product. Well, we are creating a marketplace of audiences. So, you will be able to go to our Marketplace and then search for an audience you want, which you would like to reach out to, an audience on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, or Twitter, or Facebook.”

He further said that the Marketplace Technology will also provide the entire geographic and demographic interest base. “When you search for this audience, we’re going to provide you with what creator can help you reach that audience.

The incredible part of this is that the advertiser is not going to pay by a fixed rate; the advertiser is going to pay based on the number of post views on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. So this is performance-based. A very interesting feature also is that our AI is able to filter out the bots from the engagement groups, through the predictive behavioral filter.”

When asked about specific targeted plans for India, the GotChosen CEO shared, “India is the largest market right now and it is very important to us. What we can bring to the Indian market is the following. Every person over the age of 13 years old, they have mobiles in their pocket. So from 13 years, a person will be able to make an alternative income, because they will be able to create this content, not only on our app, but we are going to allow them to also monetize the audience they have on Instagram, on YouTube and Facebook, etc.”

Silva also emphasized that content is, and shall continue to be the king in this space. He went on to add that GotChosen competes with everybody, but the focus is not on defeating the rivals, but the goal is to provide a transparent position to the creators, and an effective ROI for the brands.

Upon being asked to compare the Creator economy in India to that of the USA or UK, and whether the diversity in India makes it more challenging to conquer as a market, Silva said, “There are several opportunities in India. Nobody has really figured out influencer marketing yet, because it’s so new.

So what we’re trying to do here is we are using the display advertisement industry and bringing that model into the influencer model space. The ad industry in India is pretty mature and has been around for a long time. They are selling ads based on clicks and impressions. So we are bringing that business model to our marketplace.”