OnePlus launches shot on OnePlus book The Red Perspective to showcase images clicked by community members

OnePlus launches shot on OnePlus book The Red Perspective to showcase images clicked by community members

The Red Perspective

OnePlus, the global technology brand, unveiled its first-ever limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, titled The Red Perspective, as an ode to its community’s creative endeavours with “Shot on OnePlus” photography efforts.

“The Red Perspective” initiative serves as a testament to the OnePlus community and RCC members’ passion for photography and creative ambitions empowered by their OnePlus devices. This initiative is a community co-creation effort that highlights the exceptional camera capabilities of OnePlus devices.

The limited-edition Red Perspective book features a series of curated visuals from the Red Cable Club and community members, showcasing life through their lens.

The book covers various themes ranging from macro photography to black and white photography of various genres such as wildlife, nature, travel, and lifestyle. ‘The Red Perspective’ has been divided into sections to highlight community and creator contributions through “Life Through Your Lens,”  “Red Cable Curation,” and “OnePlus X Creators.”

The book showcases over 90 stunning photos, which comprise curated shots from Red Cable Club and community members, as well as captivating images by OnePlus creators and stunning features by renowned wildlife photographers Varun Aditya and Arzoo Khurana.

At the heart of “The Red Perspective” is the brand’s Shot on OnePlus (SOOP) campaign, which highlights the exceptional camera capabilities of OnePlus devices, consisting of an industry-leading camera partnership with Hasselblad. The photographs have been shot with OnePlus flagship devices, starting from OnePlus 5 launched in 2017. The book underlines breathtaking pictures clicked by community members and creators, showcasing the power and quality of OnePlus cameras over the years.

Addressing the Red Perspective launch, Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing, OnePlus India, shared, “We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, ‘The Red Perspective’. The idea behind this unique Shot On OnePlus initiative is to encourage the creative ambitions of our talented OnePlus community and bring their perspectives and creative efforts to life through the power of OnePlus’ unparalleled camera capabilities. 

“Our user-driven approach, fueled by constant feedback, ensures that our products resonate with our community’s desires and aspirations. This book is a tribute to their creative aspirations and our shared journey of pushing boundaries together,” she added.

Varun Aditya, the renowned wildlife photographer, expressed his excitement and said, “I am delighted to be a part of the imminent launch of ‘The Red Perspective’ and witness the community’s excitement towards these curated visuals. The OnePlus device impeccably aligns with my professional vision as a photographer. Each image encapsulates a narrative, effortlessly guiding viewers into the essence of the moment and evoking emotive responses.”

Each photograph in ‘The Red Perspective’ is thoughtfully curated, which instills deep emotion and transports viewers to captivating moments. The selection criteria prioritised meaning alongside visual appeal. ‘The Red Perspective’ celebrates innovation and creativity, showcasing our community’s unique perspectives through photography that speaks directly to the heart.

In addition, the RCC community member, Ganeshkumar, shared, “I have been a RCC member for 10 years and have seen the commitment of OnePlus to its community. The Red Perspective is another great example of how the brand engages with its community, giving us a platform to showcase our passion and skills driven by OnePlus’s technology.”

The Red Perspective will be available for viewing at select OnePlus retail stores soon. To commemorate the launch, an exclusive event was held in Bangalore on April 27th, where community members had a firsthand experience of the book.