MakeMyTrip launches its new Business Class Funnel

MakeMyTrip launches its new Business Class Funnel


New Delhi | MakeMyTrip, the Indian online travel company, is aiming to set a new standard in travel purchase experiences with the launch of its new Business Class Funnel for international flights.

This innovative booking flow is designed to transform the purchase experience exclusive to business and first-class travelers, bringing an enhanced experience to this customer set for the very first time.

The traveler today seeks not just transparency, but a clear insight into the value-add and quality of returns on spends. The challenge they face, however, is that of a uniform approach in flight bookings that overlooks the nuances of premium experiences especially critical to long-haul travel. MakeMyTrip addresses this through the new Business Class funnel providing a centralized platform where every traveler can access detailed, relevant information, enabling well-informed decision-making.

Rajesh Magow, Co-founder and Group CEO, MakeMyTrip, said on this occasion, “The newly launched Business Class Funnel reflects our commitment to innovation, transparency, and a seamless booking experience. It will ensure our customers know exactly what they pay for through a hassle-free and immersive booking experience.”

This premium flow is embedded within the platform and gives travelers booking an international business or first-class ticket, access to detailed information like seat recline, position, in-flight entertainment, meals, and more. MakeMyTrip’s meticulously designed funnel provides an immersive experience through rich media images and videos, revamped filters, and an experiential design, ensuring transparency and clarity for travelers without having to seek information from multiple separate sources.

MakeMyTrip has also partnered with several prominent premium airlines, ensuring detailed information is made available across a selection of top-tier options and will keep expanding it to all major airlines in the upcoming weeks. With the Business Class Funnel, the company continues to lead the way in transforming the online travel booking landscape for India.

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