MsChief unveils new brand film that empowers women to #ClaimYourPleasure

MsChief unveils new brand film that empowers women to #ClaimYourPleasure


New Delhi: MsChief, TTK Healthcare’s sexual pleasure brand for women, unveils its all-new brand film, a poignant and unique take on the sexual pleasure landscape in India, specially when it comes to female pleasure.

TTK Healthcare’s robust brand portfolio also includes their brand of pleasure condoms – Skore and the pleasure portal –

The new brand film traces the journey of five women from different walks of life who challenge the norm and shatter everyday stereotypes through their choices. At the beginning of the film, we see these empowered women breaking down walls when it comes to pay parity, dressing what is considered appropriate, getting married before the age of 25 and pursuing their careers after marriage. Mirroring society as it stands today, these women go beyond stereotypical gender norms. Claiming their identities and space, the women are finally faced with a wall that is often overlooked- the Pleasure Gap.

In a study conducted in confluence with Unomer Inc., TTK Healthcare also uncovered that over 81% of women reported being dissatisfied with their sex lives, with 73% rarely reaching their climax. In a startling contrast to this, 95% of the men believed that their partners experienced an orgasm. Research shows the blatant disparity between men and women achieving orgasms, something that is termed the “Pleasure Gap”.

Breaking through the wall of the Pleasure Gap, the brand film enters its second leg- the wondrous land of MsChief. The Land of MsChief personifies a safe space where women can explore themselves, their preferences and their bodies and bridge the Pleasure Gap that exists. The brand film traces the journey of the five empowered women exploring solo play, uncovering new experiences with dirty talk, finding joy in cuddle puddles and claiming their pleasure.


Vishal Vyas, AVP Marketing, TTK Healthcare comments, “MsChief rejects the idea that women should settle for diminished or muted pleasure. Today, women are forging ahead with milestones in all industries and fields, have broken barriers in terms of pay parity and education, but the pleasure gap is something which needs to be addressed equally openly. MsChief empowers women to claim their pleasure with their range of products, and the brand film reflects that.”