Millenials rejoice; Reynolds 045 is here to stay

Millenials rejoice; Reynolds 045 is here to stay

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A lot of folks from the 80s and 90s generation were left disheartened after a social media post announced that the good old Reynolds 045 fine carbure pen was going to be discontinued. It left many, who have since switched to laptops and mobiles and what not, with a sickening feeling as this iconic pen is more than just a writing tool.

It was a piece of weapon in the school pen fights, its cap came in very handy when you needed to poke your friend (or those you didn’t count as your friend) and of course it came with the charm of the OG Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar promoting it.

Nostalgia apart, it simply is an efficient ball pen which gets the job done and it comes in cheap, which makes it the perfect fit for many who couldn’t afford the Parkers and more.
The good news is that the company has no plans to stop its production. The official handle of the company on Facebook put out a post to stop the rumor mill. The company said that the ‘misinformation about Reynolds in various media is misleading and inaccurate.’It also went on to state that the company plans to ‘expand and grow the writing business in India’.

Great news indeed and a sigh of relief for all the Reynolds fans, and all those who still believe in the good old practice of writing things down. Also, the real fight of Reynolds and all those operating in the writing business segment is to make the children and youth of today fall in love with paper and pen.

The challenges shall remain in the form of the screens which come in various shapes and sizes. No true business can succeed if it loses its patrons, and this one is no different, so making paper and pen popular again is the real struggle today, lest more iconic brands become a memory.