Goibibo launches student goPass for student travellers

Goibibo launches student goPass for student travellers


Goibibo, one of India’s leading travel brands, has unveiled its latest programme – the Student goPass. Conceptualised to cater to the unique needs of the vast student population in India, this goPass aims to empower students with enhanced travel experiences on a budget that aligns with their dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle and aspirations.

The brand says this will be a sustained intervention from them, encompassing affordable propositions across various travel categories across domestic hotels, flights, buses, and international hotels and flights.

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Goibibo, said, “India has a student population of over 15 crores, a large portion of whom migrate within the country and internationally for education, creating a need for affordable and reliable travel options.

The Student goPass is designed to facilitate various aspects of student travel, from visiting home during breaks and festivals to embarking on educational journeys like competitive exams, internships, and international studies. Goibibo’s Student goPass addresses these needs, and empowers students to explore, learn, and grow while keeping travel expenses economical.”

With this goPass, in the domestic segment, students can enjoy a flat 25% discount (up to ₹2000) on domestic hotel bookings; a discount of ₹600 on already discounted student special fares on flights; and a complete waiver on convenience fees for train bookings, amongst other offers.

International travel is covered, with discounts of flat 5% up to INR 5000 on flights and flat 20% up to INR 3000 on hotels (terms and conditions apply).