Dhiway unveils new brand identity

Dhiway unveils new brand identity

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Mumbai: Dhiway, a blockchain technology company based out of Bangalore, has unveiled its new brand logo as part of the brand’s ongoing evolution.

Turning the Page: Dhiway’s New Brand Identity. The idea of turning the page is embodied by three circles that signify reshaping.

‘’Dhiways’ new logo and brand represent the company’s transition into its next chapter,’’ says Pradeep KP, Co-Founder & CEO, Dhiway. “We see Dhiway as an integral part of the effort to build a sustainable future for verifiable data exchange infrastructure. We focus on robust, scalable products based on open standards that enable data interoperability. Changing the status quo and reimagining the digital future are big challenges. Of course, we understand that we do not have everything figured out. But we are heading in the right direction”.

Dhiway started with a simple goal to address the absence of verifiable data and offered digital credentialing as a way forward. CORD became the first tokenless blockchain backbone to tackle the absence of portability, lack of interoperability and the growing problem of lack of authenticity and provenance in data.

“There is an emerging need to provide a robust infrastructure which will work at scale to address the trust deficit in digital transactions,” says Satish Mohan, Co-Founder & CTO, Dhiway. “The CORD project offers a protocol for discovery and engagement with verifiable data streams. The exercise of rebranding was not just about logos and icons – it builds a foundational narrative of our work which can be easily understood and is relatable in terms of the vision and impact.”

To strengthen enhancements of CORD, Dhiway partnered with Small Town Folk to research, rediscover and create this new brand identity.
“Our exercise began with a lot of discovery,” says Ashish Arora, Co-Founder, Small Town Folk. “It was imperative that we understood the stakeholders and their journey and studied the industry. The task at hand was to move the brand image from a credentialing application to a forward-looking technology enterprise that could carve a better digital future. Dhiway’s brand purpose was defined as’ Driving belief, confidence, and absolute certainty throughout the digital world’’.