Wipro MaxKleen’s #MaxKleenPichuk campaign salutes unsung heroes

Wipro MaxKleen’s #MaxKleenPichuk campaign salutes unsung heroes


New Delhi | Wipro MaxKleen, a brand under Wipro, has announced the launch of its latest digital campaign for MaxKleen Power Squeeze, the disinfectant which comes in a squeeze format.

The campaign, titled #MaxkleenPichuk, is a celebration of festivity dedicated to recognizing the unsung heroes who tirelessly contribute to the well-being of our homes every day.

Launched with the intention of spreading joy during the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti & Pongal, #MaxkleenPichuk campaign aims to connect and engage with the audience by capturing the true essence of festivity through an initiative.

The campaign departs from the traditional product-focused approach, shifting its focus to a social initiative. By showcasing moments where the team visits the homes of these women and takes the initiative to clean for them, the campaign emphasizes that the true spirit of festivity lies in spreading happiness by giving back to those who deserve it the most. Cleaning the homes of these unsung heroes, who tirelessly work for others, brings joy and a profound sense of respect to their lives.

The film narrates a story of spreading joy through gratitude and respect, encapsulating the spirit of appreciation.

Vivek Reddy, Director at PAD Play, expressed his thoughts on the campaign, stating, “The #MaxkleenPichuk is not just a digital campaign; it’s a testament to the power of gratitude. By recognizing and appreciating the efforts of these unsung heroes, we aim to inspire positivity and appreciation in every home. It’s a meaningful impact in the lives of those who often go unnoticed but contribute significantly to our daily lives.”

Suhaib Iyaz, Category Manager – Wipro Consumer said, “The #MaxkleenPichuk TVC goes beyond selling a product; it skillfully captures a story that resonates with the audience’s emotions and experiences. PAD’s execution plays a pivotal role in bringing this idea to life, making the campaign a powerful tool for building a genuine and lasting connection with the viewers.”

Wrapping up the journey, MaxKleen added a dash of joy by surprising the unsung heroes with delightful goodies, all captured with the infectious happiness of #MaxkleenPichuk.

The digital campaign is currently live on Wipro MaxKleen’s social media platforms and will be further amplified through hoardings and other promotional channels.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ZZg4QgiAY