Skyscanner launches ‘Everywhere Agency’ campaign

Skyscanner launches ‘Everywhere Agency’ campaign


January 12, 2024 | New Delhi | Search volume for overseas travel by Indian travelers surged by 39% YOY from December 26th to January 2nd, as per Skyscanner.

The global travel marketplace has launched its latest campaign, ‘Everywhere Agency’ , connecting travelers with record-holding travelers who have visited every country across the globe.

According to data from Skyscanner, Indians’ passion for global exploration has reached unprecedented heights in 2024, with mounting early interest in travel indicated in its data. In the last week of 2023, the search volume for overseas travel by Indian travelers increased by 39% compared to the same period last year. Looking ahead into 2024, a remarkable 98% of Indian travelers are keen to try somewhere new while 42% share that one of their biggest struggles when booking travel is deciding where to go.

In a survey conducted by Skyscanner, it was revealed that despite social media, TV, and film perpetuating conventional tourist spots, 95% feel fatigued by those repeated choices. 79% of Indian travelers admit that the prospect of booking travel in 2024 is overwhelming, with 40% citing cost concerns and an equal percentage grappling with destination decisions.

The Everywhere Agency is a campaign that connects record-holding travelers with consumers worldwide, offering travel advice based on their own experience. These experts are known as Everywhere Agents, who are set to ease traditional traveler anxiety about unknown destinations, and help travelers discover the less-travelled places, without compromising on value. Travelers can explore tips offered by the Everywhere Agents through the Everywhere Guide, or via 1:1 exclusive virtual appointments.

This campaign is powered by Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search, the travel hack that helps travelers explore destinations, ordered by price, from thousands of travel sites – all in one place. The ‘Everywhere’ search is the most searched destination for Indian travelers currently, highlighting the desire to explore regardless of the location of origin. Other popular destinations for Indians are Dubai, Bangkok, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

Travelers can also easily access the Everywhere Guide, an online widget on Skyscanner, that shares responses to frequently asked travel questions, based on each Everywhere Agent’s personal experience. Questions include “Where’s the most memorable night out?”, “Where should everyone try a once-in-a-lifetime activity?”, and more. The Everywhere Guide also displays a Trip Snapshot for every suggested destination, showing the lowest flight and hotel prices, and the cheapest day to travel, for any selected month of 2024. These link out to corresponding search parameters on Skyscanner, allowing travelers to conveniently complete trip bookings for their newly discovered destination.

With India being a diverse market with a large variety of travel preferences, Skyscanner has appointed renowned travel personality, Anunay Sood, as the Everywhere Agent for India. Known for exploring 30 countries by the age of 30, Anunay captivates audiences with his inspiring travel adventures, travel tips, encouraging them to uncover the world’s breath-taking wonders. Other Everywhere Agents include individuals like Gunnar Garfors, the first to visit every country in the world twice; Renee Burns, a world record holder for traveling to the most countries in a year in a wheelchair.

Sood said, “I used to be in a full-time corporate job to finance my travel adventures. My fascination with travel photography and exploration ignited my desire to become a dedicated globetrotter. After exploring over 30 countries, I’ve gained insights into what travelers really love. As someone who’s passionate about adventures, through my extensive travels, I’ve tailored tonnes of handy travel tips – whether it’s picking the right destination, navigating the complexities of budgeting or planning the perfect itinerary. Having been there myself, I also understand the specific needs of younger professionals who are working corporate jobs and dreaming of exciting getaways. Along with Skyscanner, I look forward to helping travelers find the best views, food, experiences and more as they plan their upcoming trips.”

Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner’s Travel Trends and Destination Expert, said, ‘’The Everywhere Agency is not just about offering alternatives; it’s about inspiring a shift in perspective. Through exclusive 1:1 sessions with record-breaking travelers and recommendations that go beyond the ordinary on the Everywhere Guide, we hope to empower and equip travelers with the tools needed to discover and enjoy destinations that they didn’t even know they desired.’’

Readers can sign up for a 1:1 Everywhere appointment by clicking here.