Scapia’s new films have everything from a Spanish Mariachi Band to a K-Pop artist

Scapia’s new films have everything from a Spanish Mariachi Band to a K-Pop artist


In a world where travel has redefined the modern lifestyle, new-age Indian travellers chase exploration and adventure. With a desire to see the world with convenience, they seek freedom without constraints and global acceptance. Travel fintech Scapia’s debut brand campaign, “Tap everywhere, travel anywhere,” encapsulates this spirit, empowering young travellers to transcend boundaries by way of their everyday expenses.

The films, which span across South Korea, Spain, and France, showcase foreign locals being mesmerized by the features of the Scapia Federal Credit Card. The twist that takes everyone by surprise is that, upon learning of the Indian traveller’s experience with the card, these foreign locals also start speaking Indian languages.

The films are built on the cultural barriers that travel breaks, which Scapia intends to enable by making travel more accessible. To embed this ethos in the films, Scapia has worked with a real-life Mariachi band for the Spanish film, and produced original music with a Korean-Pop artist for the Korean film. What adds to the authenticity is the feature of real-life Indian travel influencers.

These Indian travellers seamlessly navigate foreign cities, make choices of generous travellers, and immerse themselves in local culture. These modern travellers exude confidence and passion.

Scapia, the travel fintech company is on a mission to make travel accessible through its suite of financial products. It turns a customer’s everyday expense into travel rewards with its co-branded card.

The product provides more such travel-first benefits including a zero-forex markup, unlimited lounge access in India, at zero joining and annual fees. The co-branded card with Federal Bank operates on the Visa network and offers a reward on every transaction, minting these into Scapia coins.

Anil Goteti, Founder and CEO of Scapia, shared, “As a new-age fintech company which offers unparalleled rewards, our brand campaign spotlights the benefits of the Scapia Federal credit card for users who aspire to travel, and gain the most out of their travel experiences.

With our first-ever campaign, we aim to solidify our proposition of how a few taps can convert every-day spends into rewards that can fund memorable travels for our users.” Showing foreigners being in awe of what Scapia has to offer, and expressing this through Indian languages, has been brought alive by director Ujjwal Kabra and producer Bhupender Agarwal (Fusion Films).