Razorpay introduces ‘world’s first co-founder service’, powered by AI

Razorpay introduces ‘world’s first co-founder service’, powered by AI

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Bengaluru: Aimed at further enabling budding entrepreneurs in their pursuit of creating a disruptive business, Razorpay, India’s banking platform for businesses, launched an Industry-first & world’s only AI powered co-founder service on April 1.

This service will allow human founders from any domain or sector to help find their ideal match as an AI co-founder.

The AI Co-founder is based on an intelligence that does not replace human thinking but augments it significantly, who with its industry-best ‘facial recognition and predict technology’ can predict anything and help build and scale a disruptive business, beyond imagination.

According to a recent survey conducted by Razorpay, about 62% of respondents feel that their human co-founder more than always disagrees with their innovative and ambitious ideas, calling the ideas not too brilliant enough to build scale. Another set of 48% of respondents shared that they are unable to find a compatible Business Partner, and grieved about the fact that there is no such platform or tool which can solve this grave problem. Now with this revolutionary service by Razorpay, founders will be able to not just have any co-founder but one that can build to scale as many ideas as possible, one that can predict your investor’s concerns and give them the right answers. And before you realise it, you’ve already raised funds and become a Unicorn! And the most important part, the AI-Co has no interest in your equity or money, it only cares about record-breaking developments, whether it’s the stock-market or on Twitter.

Excited to launch a product such as this, Razorpay spokesperson said, “I consider this as one of our biggest revolutionary inventions thus far. We believe we have found the perfect match for a human co-founder, one who will devote it’s entire attention, 24*7 to you, as it has zero personal life, commitments or obligations to society. The AI-Co will solve for your love for procrastination. So, while you’re still deliberating on a brilliant idea, the AI-Co has already pitched it to investors and launched three new products out of that one idea! That’s the power of AI. Yes, it can be terrifying if you waste it, so don’t.”

The spokesperson added, “At Razorpay, we continue to develop many firsts in the industry and we believe this one will disrupt industries and transform the world, like never before.”