Pacific Group and ISRO by A47 launch campaign for space enthusiasts

Pacific Group and ISRO by A47 launch campaign for space enthusiasts


New Delhi: Pacific Group, one of India’s mall and real estate developers, has announced the launch of its exciting summer décor across its malls across Delhi NCR region and Dehradun.

The aim is to bring the unexplored and uncharted vastness of space, along with the wonders of science and technology, to children and adults alike, promoting the Make in India Initiative and the remarkable achievements of ISRO in the field of space exploration. Pacific Mall curated this campaign in association with ISRO by A47 to make the young minds of the country aware and informed about the developments in the field of space exploration and technology this summer.

In the ever-continuous effort to bring something new & unique for their patrons, Pacific Malls have launched a ‘Space-tacular Summer’, powered by ISRO by A47. Inspired by the pride of India—ISRO, Pacific Malls have changed their decor to take you on a space expedition. Interiors across malls now feature ISRO’s globally celebrated Chandrayaan rocket, star-studded backdrops, astronaut photo ops, and a lot more!

In addition to the installations, visitors can check how much would they weigh on the Moon. Each mall is also being visited by representatives from ISRO itself—ISRO Space Mentors, who are happy to answer queries from the young minds & the grown-ups alike.

And that’s not all! India’s foremost shopping mall group is also organising super-fun yet educational activities for kids, along the lines of a summer camp. Aimed at developing their creative skills & improving their knowledge of the universe, these activities are run every weekend. The impressive list includes the making of constellation cards, playing outer space bingo, colouring alien masks, solving space puzzles, and even enjoying science shows!

As part of the Summer Campaign, Pacific Malls is showcasing larger-than-life rocket installations that will captivate visitors. These installations are complemented by curated experiences and educational zones, featuring Augmented Reality Zones, Virtual Reality zones, Bing Bang Cinema, photo opportunities, and weekend workshops on rocketeering, astronomy, space science, and much more.

Pacific Malls’ Space-tacular Summer will conclude on June 11.

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Malls said, “We are extremely excited and thrilled to partner with ISRO by A47 to launch the campaign, promoting the Make in India Initiative and keeping in mind the growing prowess in the field of Science and Technology and remarkable achievements of ISRO in the field of space exploration. By offering a unique blend of entertainment and education, we aim to ignite curiosity and inspire a passion for space exploration among our visitors, young and old. Through our collaboration, we hope to create a memorable experience that will leave a lasting impact on all who attend.”

One of the highlights of the campaign is 26ft to 32ft high rocket models/installations. These awe-inspiring setups are be placed inside the mall atriums, providing visitors, especially children, with an immersive opportunity to explore and comprehend the vastness of space science, engineering, and technology.

Vijay K. Vaishampayan from ISRO Space Mentor said,”The rocket installations are accompanied by various engaging experiences and educational activities. Visitors can dive into the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) zones, where they can embark on virtual space missions and encounter cosmic phenomena. Additionally, the Bing Bang Cinema will offer an enthralling cinematic experience, while the carefully designed photo-ops will enable visitors to capture unforgettable moments within the space-themed settings.