NuNectar’s new film introduces Super Vita– the health drink for kids

NuNectar’s new film introduces Super Vita– the health drink for kids

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NuNectar, an emerging brand in the health and wellness industry, has introduced Super Vita – a wholesome health drink specially crafted for kids through a new digital film.

The brand has launched the digital film featuring Rakshanda Khan, TV actor and a mom.
As per the brand, children can consume up to 5 kg of chemically processed refined sugar in a year, just from the ‘so-called health drinks’. What’s more, many of these health drinks often contain preservatives and added colors too.

The brand, however, wants to ensure that parents can now breathe easy as NuNectar Foods has come up with the most apt solution.

NuNectar says Super Vita is a ‘junk-free super health drink for kids brimming with 40 vital nutrients, 3 super grains – Barley, Bajra and Wheat, along with jaggery and a Swiss Chocolate flavor’. It says that Super Vita delivers a delightful taste with uncompromised health.

As per the brand, what makes Super Vita truly Junk-Free is that it contains No Refined Sugar, No added Preservatives and No Artificial colors.

NuNectar is delivering this message to the audience through its digital film amidst a landscape dominated by conventional messages from well-established brands. The digital film not only presents the product but also highlights the significance of comprehensive nutrition in a child’s life. It underscores NuNectar’s dedication to serving as a dependable ally for parents in nurturing their children’s health and happiness.

“Super Vita is probably the only junk-free health drink for kids in India that is power-packed with 40 essential nutrients known to aid muscle and bone growth, bolster immunity and help support brain development. For parents seeking a truly wholesome choice for their children, Super Vita is the go-to health drink. Super Vita is tested by accredited lab and is reviewed and recommended by professional nutritionists for kids,” as per the Founder, Hermann Arora.

Super Vita is available on Amazon India, and also on the brand’s website along with some offers.