HDFC Mutual Fund launches campaign to educate investors about SIP

HDFC Mutual Fund launches campaign to educate investors about SIP

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Mumbai: HDFC Mutual Fund launched its new investor education campaign that aims at educating potential investors about Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Through this investor education campaign, HDFC mutual fund aims to educate investors on the true potential of an SIP by decoding its finer nuances in a manner that’s understood by every investor.

The investor education campaign has been launched across India and will span diverse platforms including television, print, outdoor, social media and other digital platforms.

Speaking about the campaign, Amaresh Jena, Head-Marketing & Digital Business, HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd said, “We humans are generally progressive and always seek to find out ways to better ourselves every day. When it comes to savings and investments, we are always on the lookout for reliable and trustworthy ways to create wealth and cater to our life stage financial needs. In this regard, we believe an SIP is not only one of the simplest and most hassle-free ways to grow one’s investment and accumulate wealth, but also compliments our way of life. It brings discipline through investments at regular intervals of time while leveraging the power of compounding and rupee cost averaging. It also gives flexibility on the investment amount. Just like we give everything in our everyday lives for a better tomorrow, an SIP employs these simple tenets to help investors create wealth over the long term.

“As an organization, through this Investor Education Initiative, we aim to educate a wider audience and increase its awareness about SIP, which would result in increased mindshare and penetration for SIPs in the industry,” Jeena added.