GreatWhite Electricals partners with TheSmallBigIdea for #ShockinglyBright campaign

GreatWhite Electricals partners with TheSmallBigIdea for #ShockinglyBright campaign

TheSmallBigIdea - GreatWhite Electricals creative

Mumbai | GreatWhite Electricals, the Indian home electricals brand, has launched its latest campaign #ShockinglyBright, featuring its product line of LumaPro LED range.

As a part of this new launch, GreatWhite Electricals unveiled an ad film, across television, digital and social media platforms in eight languages. The brand film released as part of the #ShockinglyBright campaign is one of three ad films conceptualized and crafted by TheSmallBigIdea for GreatWhite Electricals’ LumaPro LED range.

With ‘Lighting up the world, in a shocking manner’, as its core messaging, the ad film, featuring Varun Sharma, traces the journey of the LumaPro LED range of products, from discovery to end use case. The brand film created by TheSmallBigIdea redefines innovation, ensuring that even on mute, the film effectively conveys the essence of top-notch lighting solutions, making them a compelling choice for consumers. Setting the tone of the ad film is an old-school comedy vibe with retro music and different cinematic styles.

Hemang Shah, MD, GreatWhite Global, said, “At GreatWhite, we envision a safer and a brighter future for homes nationwide. The introduction of our cutting-edge LumaPro Shockingly Bright LED range is a testament to our dedication to brilliance, both in design and functionality. We believe in providing innovative and reliable electrical solutions; it is about empowering homes with quality products consumers deserve, at economical pricing with a brilliant output in terms of delivering high lumens per watt. The brand films beautifully communicate the core features of this LED range. With the launch of our campaign #ShockinglyBright, we aim to illuminate not just spaces, but minds too, fostering a culture where brightness is not just a luxury but a necessity.”

Shhailja Chopra, General Manager – Marketing & Brand Communications, GreatWhite Global added, “Our campaign #ShockinglyBright revolutionizes our customer’s lighting experience with exceptional and superior quality LED lighting solutions. The campaign is reflective of our idea of Varun being the perfect fit for the #ShockinglyBright Range, since he is superb in terms of expression and has a strong audience pull. Our collaboration with TheSmallBigIdea was a fruitful experience. These extremely passionate bunch of people with a great sense of creativity knew exactly what we expected and delivered results par excellence. This campaign will definitely strike the right chord and build recall for a longer run.”

Commenting on creating the brand films, Manish Solanki, COO & Co-Founder, TheSmallBigIdea, said, “At TheSmallBigIdea, we take immense pride in creating impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. We are delighted to have partnered with GreatWhite Electricals in their mission to ‘Lighting up the world, in a shocking manner’. When tasked with creating the ad films for GreatWhite’s LumaPro LED Range, with the messaging #ShockinglyBright, it was imminent for us to make the consumers feel the same emotion and who better than Varun Sharma. We had an incredible experience working with Varun Sharma, his humour and charm has added a comic essence that truly justifies the ad films.”