Glance’s #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign showcases a humorous encounter between Babil Khan & his Mother

Glance’s #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign showcases a humorous encounter between Babil Khan & his Mother

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New Delhi | Glance, the Smart Lock Screen platform, has teamed up with new-age actor Babil Khan for its latest #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign.

The campaign is geared towards encouraging the adoption of Glance Smart Lock Screen.

The collaboration between Glance and Babil addresses the issue of information overload in a light-hearted manner, showcasing a solution that frees users from the exhausting cycle of searching for information, downloading multiple apps, and constantly unlocking their smartphones.

In the videos, Babil and his mother, Sutapa Sikdar, playfully highlight the Glance Smart Lock Screen as an intelligent platform that caters to all generations and enhances the user experience by providing everything directly on the lock screen, eliminating any need for tedious searches and clicks.

In the video, Babil humorously teases his mother about their respective generations’ tech savviness, playfully asserting that the Glance Smart Lock Screen is the smartest of them all. His mother counters with her own witty remarks, showcasing the features of the Glance Smart Lock Screen. The video was first shared on social media by Viral Bhayani.

Babil perfectly embodies the spirit of the #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign. He portrays a tech-savvy Gen Z individual who appreciates the smart features and benefits offered by the Glance Smart Lock Screen. Along with his mother, he shares the enthusiasm for Glance’s features, including personalized content, news & sports updates, gaming, and shopping, all accessible without having to unlock the smartphone.

He said, “I must say #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign with Glance was my first collaboration with my mother and indeed a very memorable experience. Generational gaps are a fun thing in every family, but Glance is a platform that can bind families over common interests and shared passions. It’s been exciting exploring Glance’s smart features, and I can’t wait for everyone to experience this convenience on their lock screens.”

Sikdar said, “It seems like yesterday when I taught him words and today, he stands eight inches taller than me and working professionally together. Can I have words to describe this feeling? Like I would not have words to describe how easy and special Glance was, though we agreed to disagree on the point that my generation was smarter!! While we both agreed glance helped me to stay updated and it is super easy!”

Bikash Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer at Glance, said, “We are delighted to have Babil Khan on board for our #YehSmartHaiBoss campaign. His relatability and charm resonate with our audience, making him the perfect choice for this campaign. At Glance, we strive to enhance user experience by providing relevant content right on the lock screen, eliminating the need for constant searching and unlocking. We believe that this campaign, coupled with Babil and his mother’s humorous banter, will further our mission of simplifying technology for users across all generations.”

Glance comes as a pre-installed feature on several Android smartphone brands. Catering to a diverse consumer base, Glance is available in seven languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and Kannada.