“Give maa a break”: redBus releases a film in celebration of Mother’s Day

“Give maa a break”: redBus releases a film in celebration of Mother’s Day

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New Delhi: redBus has released a new film, “Give maa a break,” in celebration of Mother’s Day.

The film captures the essence of the relationship between ‘a mother and a son’, depicting the unconditional love and affection of mothers towards their children, without a break.

To watch the full film, visit –
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/p/CsI6_emsODC/
Youtube – https://youtu.be/MvQ0oRZMGZE

“Motherhood is a journey filled with selfless love and unwavering dedication. This film is a tribute to mothers for all that they do for their children relentlessly for a lifetime. We intended to create a film that reminds children of the subtle things they could do for the wellbeing of their mothers, such as offering them a break or a journey that could make her feel happy and rejuvenated. The film resonates with our brand promise of ‘apno ko sapno ko kareeb laye with redBus,’ through which we strive to get closer to our families and pursue our dreams at the same time,” said Pallavi Chopra, CMO, redBus.

“We hope that ‘Give maa a break’ will encourage people to take a moment to appreciate all that their mothers do for them and to show them some love and appreciation this Mother’s Day. This film will resonate with audiences of all ages, as it beautifully captures the deep bond between a mother and child. redBus is honored to be a part of this special moment, as we believe in creating meaningful connections and facilitating journeys that bring families together,” she added.

Creative Credits:
Concept: Team redBus
Production House: HCMF Productions
Director: Amitabh Aurora
Producer: Gaurav Joshi
DOP: Ashwin Pakhrot
Music Composer: Vibhas
Offline Editor: Neeraj Kumar