Cricket superfans quality-check MakeMyTrip Homestays in new campaign

Cricket superfans quality-check MakeMyTrip Homestays in new campaign

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Delhi | MakeMyTrip, the online travel company, has launched a new campaign that dials in on cricket fever by getting the game’s superfans from across the globe to verify the quality and hospitality standards for its catalogue of homestays and villas.

Travellers sometimes find themselves in a fix when the accommodation booked isn’t in line with their expectations, especially for the homestays category, where hospitality and offerings aren’t standardized. MakeMyTrip aims to solve this travel woe, taking the unusual approach of roping in cricket superfans from across the globe as quality assurance ambassadors.

Sudhir Chaudhary, Saravanan Hari, Sugumar, Gayan Senanayaka (Sri Lanka), and Shoaib ‘Tiger’ Bukhari (Bangladesh) test and validate MakeMyTrip’s curated homestays and villas in the brand’s latest campaign.

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Officer -Corporate, MakeMyTrip, said, “The fever pitch around cricket gave us an optimal opportunity to showcase the meticulous quality check mechanisms MakeMyTrip has put in place for our alternate accommodations category.

We always approach business from a problem-solving mindset, and who better to communicate this than genuine globetrotters such as our cricket superfans, who share the same passion for travel as they do for the game.”

MakeMyTrip aims to stand out for providing a unique experience by redefining industry standards and ensuring travellers can access the best accommodations across price points. The twin values of ‘Uniqueness’ and ‘Trust’ also carry through to the brand’s campaigns. At a time when the environment is cluttered with communiqué led by cricketers and mainstream celebrities, honing in on real-life superfans makes this campaign stand out.

The first leg of campaign was carried out through print. The brand has now released a series of films depicting the campaign protagonists judging and validating MakeMyTrip Homestays on space, price, and service parameters. The films are live on all of the brand’s social channels.

Price Test:

Service Test:

Space Test: