Binance launches new AI-powered educational tool to make Web3 accessible to all

Binance launches new AI-powered educational tool to make Web3 accessible to all


New Delhi: Binance Academy, a Web3 education platform by Binance, has launched Binance Sensei, a new innovative AI-driven learning tool for free education on Web3, blockchain, and crypto.

Binance Sensei will then provide users with an easy-to-understand response sourced from Binance Academy’s comprehensive collection of articles, guides, and glossary entries, or from other reliable open sources.

In 2023, AI-powered technologies will take the centre stage, revolutionising the way we interact and learn. With its advanced language processing and learning capabilities, AI will pave the way for personalised and learning experiences, empowering individuals and communities to unlock their full potential.

Powered by the advanced ChatGPT technology, Binance Sensei has been instructed to deliver relevant and easily information.

Using this tool, people can now navigate through the extensive educational materials offered by Binance Academy. Binance’s goal has always been to facilitate the worldwide adoption of Web3 by creating an ecosystem that is accessible to all, while continually embracing cutting-edge technology.

Leon Foong, Head of APAC at Binance, said: “We are excited to launch Binance Sensei, a product with the potential to significantly improve access to localised blockchain education for everyone. At Binance, we are fully committed to increasing the quality of Web3 and blockchain education for everyone, regardless of their current level of expertise. With this interactive tool, users can now freely explore Binance Academy’s vast array of educational resources with ease and confidence.”