Adda247 launches the ‘Teacher Star Hai’ campaign

Adda247 launches the ‘Teacher Star Hai’ campaign

Teacher Star Hai - Adda247

Google-backed Adda247, the vernacular learning platform, recently launched its Teacher’s Day campaign – titled “Teacher Star Hai”. Designed and curated to celebrate teachers in the digital age, Adda247’s campaign ran from September 2nd to 5th, coinciding with Teacher’s Day week.

As a part of the campaign, Adda247 created short videos that will feature on the company’s social media to serve as a window into the world of their teachers. The campaign consists of slice-of-life conversation videos with teachers that provide a view into their personal lives beyond the classroom. The videos showcase fun, candid conversations with teachers that celebrate their own unique perspectives, aspirations, and personalities.

Currently, Adda247 said it has a robust team of 500+ educators. These educators come from all parts of India and are collectively reshaping the landscape of government test preparation, one examination at a time.Commenting on the campaign, Anil Nagar, Founder and CEO, Adda247, said, “We launched ‘Teacher Star Hai’ campaign to celebrate the evolving role of educators in our lives. The campaign reflects our commitment to honor and recognize the role teachers play in shaping the youth. It aligns with our continuous mission of having a community where both learners and mentors come together to share knowledge.”

To add strategic value to Adda247’s offering in the UPSC and State PSC segment, the company acquired UPSC focused ed-tech platform, StudyIQ Education in 2021. Recently, Adda247 acquired Veeksha, an Ahmedabad-based company specializing in 3D educational content to enhance learners’ experiences.