VT Markets launches inaugural brand campaign #BuiltforWinners

VT Markets launches inaugural brand campaign #BuiltforWinners


Global multi-asset broker VT Markets announced the launch of its #BuiltforWinners campaign across multiple geopolitical regions on Monday. It is the first-ever unified brand campaign launched by the award-winning Forex and CFDs platform.

As part of the campaign, VT Markets will be giving away exclusive all-access passes for its next racing event. Winners can expect top-of-the-line VIP treatment as well as a rare behind-the-scenes perspective of the upcoming race. Interested parties can join the raffle at www.builtforwinners.com.

The campaign explores the parallels of navigating the volatile trading landscape with the twists and turns of the racetrack. “In an environment where split-second decisions matter, it is accuracy, coupled with lightning-fast execution, that gives you the upper hand,” said Ludovic Moncla, Head of Strategic Operations at VT Markets.

“We believe in creating, in this sense, a distinct advantage for our traders in today’s financial arena.” The video campaign also features Maserati MSG Racing on the famed Monaco racetrack, a keen juxtaposition of how a powerful vehicle can get you where you need to be.

VT Markets also recently held a three-day event wherein VIPs, partners, clients, and media representatives were invited to an intimate pre-race event attended by Maserati MSG Racing’s ace drivers, Maximilian Günther and Jehan Daruvala.